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Web Console

Welcome aboard! We’re stoked you’re here to dig into the ins and outs of Taubyte. Consider this your personal guide to the inner workings of our cloud-native layer for Web 3 and Edge Computing. It’s not just a software walkthrough, it’s a journey into the heart of the tech that’s shaping the future.

We’ll kick off by revealing the ‘secret sauce’ behind Taubyte’s build. From the core components to the intricate architecture, you’ll gain an understanding of what makes our engine hum.

Ready to explore the universe of resources? You’ll dive headfirst into projects, master the management of application functions, and learn to spin up killer websites. We’ll also venture into databases and object storage management, handle DNS services like a pro, and get to grips with tweaking global settings.

The world of Pub/Sub won’t be a mystery anymore as we delve into this pivotal system and reveal how it’s changing the game in seamless interactions.

CI/CD - that’s where the rubber meets the road, right? We’re keen to help streamline your software development process, from the initial code writing to testing and deployment.

The beauty of this guide? It’s ever-evolving, just like Taubyte. As we keep innovating and growing, we’ll be adding new, exciting stuff to this guide to keep you in the loop.

So, whether you’re a developer whizz, tech aficionado, or just plain curious, there’s something for you here. Let’s get cracking!