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Taubyte offers an assortment of developer tools that seamlessly interact with any Taubyte-based cloud network. Here’s an overview:

Web Console

The web console is a browser-based developer dashboard that turns project configuration into a graphical experience. It’s designed with a friendly UI, making it easier for developers to interact with any Taubyte-based cloud network. The web console also supports coding directly from your browser, offering you flexibility and convenience.


Tau is our handy command-line interface. It provides useful helpers for editing project configuration, cloning code & config, and connecting with other Taubyte tools like Dreamland. Tau is scriptable and can be used for automation as well.

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Dreamland is your local testing ground. This tool allows developers to run a fully functioning Taubyte cloud network on their local machines. It’s your go-to for testing changes locally before pushing to production, and it’s an essential tool for serverless development.

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Odval is the perfect companion to Dreamland. It’s a web interface that provides an easy-to-use graphical interaction with your local Taubyte network. Odval is embeded with dreamland.


Taucorder is your debug companion. It allows developers to connect to their local network or any other network and debug low-level issues. Taucorder is essential when you need to take a deep dive into your applications’ performance.

These tools are designed to offer a cohesive and comprehensive development experience with Taubyte. Feel free to explore and leverage them to make the most out of our platform.

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